Welcome to the Happy Homeschooling Mum


Welcome to The Happy Homeschooling Mum. I am so glad you are here! I am a Maine mum, doula, and wedding officiant who homeschools all my four of my children in the greatest state in the world, Maine! I am always creating new recipes, making crafts, teaching, creating lists, and writing my thoughts. Please follow this blog to remember that you are not alone! As The Happy Homeschooling Mum, I mess up, wonder random things, am broke half the time,  and have many Pinterest fails. Motherhood, marriage, writing, and homeschooling are not perfect and that’s ok!

Added on to homeschooling full-time, my family greatly enjoys hosting international high school exchange students with the EF program to share how great the small Maine life is. My husband and I also spend our time writing stories together and dreaming about our lives.

I hope you enjoy my blog. On here you can see that I have added a page of all the worksheets I have created for my children. Feel free to download those PDFs and use for your own children. Up above you can view my posts by subject. I really hope you enjoy my recipes and lessons and share your successes, failings, and how you changed them and made them better.

I really enjoy homeschooling my kids, being a doula, and living in a small Maine town. I enjoy creating worksheets, recipes, and lists. I love writing and making random lists and I am glad to have found a way to put them to good use! You’ll see me around town pulling my kids in our blue wagon or riding my bright pink bike with my kids in their trailer behind me. When I am not homeschooling at home I am at the library almost every day with the kiddos, helping with the local homeschool co-op, or volunteering on my towns Library Advisory Board and Events and Tourism Committee.

Don’t forget to look to the right of this page and follow my blog, Pinterest, and Good Reads and stay connected! Connections are what it is all about as mothers! I wouldn’t say it takes a village to raise a child, but it sure takes a village to be a mum!

If you feel called to support my efforts in passing on education materials at no cost please feel free to make a donation by clicking HERE.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Happy Homeschooling Mum

  1. This sounds like a really fun blog! I think maybe we are kindred spirits! I grew up in Washington State and one of my best friends is from Maine. I lived with her in Bar Harbor one summer and tried to blend in with the locals! Ha! It is a beautiful place to be with lots of character. (Although I’m still pretty partial to my home state on the far other corner of the country, too 🙂 )

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